No, you can't have more than one account per user unless you were given a special admin permission to have more. If you are caught by having more than 1 account without our permission, you are risking all your accounts and funds being suspended.

CoinTERRA Team consists of highly qualified developers, experts in the field of investments and promotions, as well as a Team of founders and leaders with significant financial and technical experience in software development and blockchain technologies. Moreover, there are Leaders with international success and a public success story among our Partners.

Our Target Audience is an international crypto community that connects millions of people around the world into a single network. The more money the CoinTERRA system manages, the easier it is to manipulate the market, so that more money each community member can earn.

At the moment we accept PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, DogeCoin, BitcoinCash, BinanceCoin, USDT ERC20, USDT TRC20, USDT BEP20, Tron, Cardano, Polkadot, Solana, TERRA (own native token). We have a plan to extend this list of payment methods soon.

CoinTERRA has set the following minimum values for investment and withdrawal.

The minimum deposit amount:
PerfectMoney - 25 USD
Bitcoin - 0.000589 BTC
Ethereum - 0.008624 ETH
Litecoin - 0.16821 LTC
Dash - 0.151698 DASH
Ripple - 26.885231 XRP
DogeCoin - 158.025436 DOGE
BitcoinCash - 0.049192 BCH
BinanceCoin - 0.071176 BNB
USDT ERC20 - 24.950996 USDT
USDT TRC20 - 24.950996 USDT
USDT BEP20 - 24.950996 USDT
Tron - 271.531291 TRX
Solana - 0.179442 SOL
Cardano - 11.207982 ADA
Polkadot - 0.812181 DOT
USDC Coin - 24.98475 USDC
Uniswap - 1.274027 UNI
Polygon - 22.054676 MATIC
Avalanche - 0.340781 AVAX
Cosmos - 0.618397 ATOM
Algorand - 13.786076 ALGO

The minimum withdrawal amount:
PerfectMoney - 0.10 USD
Bitcoin - 0.0005 BTC
Ethereum - 0.008 ETH
Litecoin - 0.03 LTC
Dash - 0.03 DASH
Ripple - 5 XRP
DogeCoin - 10 DOGE
BitcoinCash - 0.01 BCH
BinanceCoin - 0.01 BNB
Tether USDT - 100 USDT (fee: 20 USDT)
Tron - 50 TRX
Solana - 0.10 SOL
Cardano - 3 ADA
Polkadot - 1.1 DOT
USDC Coin - 50 USDC (fee: 10 USDT)
Uniswap - 0.3 UNI
Polygon - 3.4 MATIC
Avalanche - 0.1 AVAX
Cosmos - 0.2 ATOM
Algorand - ALGO

After creating a withdrawal request, it goes on manual review. The time for processing a request for withdrawal of funds directly depends on the number of requests submitted. During low load requests are processed from few minutes to 24 hours, 7 days per week (from Monday to Sunday).

CoinTERRA has a 4-level affiliate program. Affiliate reward is charged for funds invested into CoinTERRA investment plans by your partners. You will receive 8% of the partner’s deposits on the 1st level, 3% on the 2nd level, 1% on the 3rd level and 1% on the 4th level.

Yes. In order to change your upline, you must send a request by email to (you should send a request only from your original email address which is on CoinTerra), say the reason for changing your upline, and also specifying the username of the person you want to see as your new upline.

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